12 April 2005

lighting the spark

it's disturbing to consider how INaccessible much of the world's spiritual thought is to the average American. not physically - sure, anyone can find a book or a website. but intellectually? how does enlightenment appeal versus video games, high-speed internet access, immediate gratification? too much or not enough, this is the dichotomy we have built - but spirit is outside it, a third choice in an either/or function.
the appeal of religion is not spiritual experience - it's about social frameworks. religion and society are two sides of a coin, an interior moral structure to support an external dynamic of collective life. the individual spiritual experience subsumed in the collective, for the good of the whole. the necessary blue meme, the order that has to be, and be transcended...

how do you sell Nirvana to individualistic consumers? how do you evoke individual transcendent experience to a collectively-rooted fundamentalist?


Anonymous ebuddha said...

Hmm - my 1st thought is that this would be like what journalism is about - "how to make the important interesting". However, part of it is simply about the willingness to go door-to-door and be a missionary, as evidenced by the success in
this artice here.

Can liberal, integral spiritual types, embrace missionary work with gusto?

8:55 PM  

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