13 April 2005

screwed is screwed.


"It would be nice if the "remote viewing" Tibetan monks were right (assuming the India Daily story is true), but I am not counting on alien interventionists to save the world from a really bad end in 2012 or any other year. More to the point, I am expecting that we are going to be finding out the hard way just how screwed we are, and that we've no one to blame for it but ourselves, and that it doesn't matter if we're sorry and repent and pray and gnash our teeth and rend our clothes and become all Biblical and shit, because screwed is screwed."


Blogger Vince said...

Funny... That's exactly what the messianic belief systems think. They aren’t trying to pray and make it right, they are inviting the apocalypse with open arms.

5:35 PM  

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