20 April 2005

Well, yeah, it is about the oil.

If you have an economy based in oil, and the oil is running out, and the rest of the world is trying to move away from that economy.....

it seems that one option (of course, not the only one) might be a multipronged plan of obfuscation and covert action, to buy your national economy time and opportunity to change itself before either the external controlled forces (e.g. Europe, China, Iran) gather sufficient strength and awareness to move forward around you, or the external uncontrolled forces (e.g. peak oil, climate change) invoke catastrophe.

I would like to think this might be true. I doubt it, though, because I don't see enough evidence of internal change, except toward a theocratic fundamentalist social agenda. Unless the powers that be are far far more intuitively aware than any of us have previously given them credit for, and they believe the anger and social chaos their own social policies are creating will spur Americans out of their apathy and toward change, in some great sudden shift.

Or it could be that they don't think it possible to prevent the collapse, and instead are banking on a fascist theocracy as the best way to hold the nation together in the coming chaos. Survivalism writ large. Now there's a frightening thought, especially if applicable to the voting in of Pope Benedict. The Catholic Church, although much less directly powerful today, nevertheless has feelers in every aspect of world politics and economics, and would be well situated to forsee global changes in a unique perspective.

As an American, this is profoundly scary. As a world citizen and long thinker, this is utterly fascinating.


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