26 April 2005

Monks, Popes and other survivalists

I'm not a regular reader of TechCentralStation, but I found this article to be of interest.

"'What they set themselves to achieve instead -- often not recognizing fully what they were doing -- was the construction of new forms of community within which the moral life could be sustained so that both morality and civility might survive the coming ages of barbarism and darkness. If my account of our moral condition is correct, we ought also to conclude that for some time now we too have reached that turning point.'...Having withdrawn from the world, the new Benedictines... would no longer put off others with their sanctimonious, judgmental presences. But those who were drawn to their ethos would know where to look. And if history is any guide, where monasticism fled the world, the world would soon follow. MacIntryre called for a new St. Benedict. Maybe Ratzinger hopes to answer the call."

Hm. The far left and the far right, meeting at the intersection of survivalism street and sustainable living lane. So, Ratzinger's choice of pope name would thus seem to imply that he believes The End Is Near, not in an Apocalyptical/Revelations way but in a New Dark Ages way....? Oh yes, interesting.


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interesting entry..

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