10 May 2005

oldschool weblogging 5.10.5

"Demand [for energy] is rising around the world; supplies are not growing fast enough to satisfy global requirements; and the global struggle to gain control over whatever supplies are available has become more intense and fractious. Because the first and second of these factors are not likely to abate in the years ahead, the third can only grow more pronounced."

"It's time to leave the stone age. Will we do so because we fear what will happen if we don't? Or because we look forward to what will happen if we do?"

"With "the death of environmentalism" being debated across the land—and with the mainstream movement under siege from without and within—it's time to meet the winning side in America's new green wars. Here they come, ready or not: the 20 most powerful voices leading the environmental counterrevolution."Link

"Just as their cars aren't kludgy and their food isn't flavorless, their homes aren't drafty or dimly lit. Call them hygridders. And look for them soon in a neighborhood near you. Because - trendmeisters, take note - hygrid is the new Prius."

"At the integral stage of consciousness, there is not an attempt to articulate the politics of homosexuality and defend it using operational/functional logic; instead, there is an acknowledgement and embrace of a plurality of politics of homosexuality (actually, of views of homosexuality embodied at a wide spectrum of levels of consciousness)...."


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